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SAURABH C'mon people! Great Indian Rock happened.. and I couldn't see u thr.. Come to mumbai.. we'll love u here.. people love anything related to 'metallica' and U guys rock 'enter sandman' !! Wake up and do something!
2010-01-27 00:53:35
SUMAN Hi ho,s im a lyricist n music composer wt 200 new tunes includin sufi tracks also i want to do smthin big can i join u fr this .if u r eager to do very different simply then plz contact me thanks suman
2010-01-27 00:52:14
SUDEEPTA Hi Guys!!! this is a mail frm da hugest fan of yrs..you dont knw the kind of adulation you ppl are recieving..i listen to rock ok bt i hav neva thot of personally telling em how much i love their music. u r probably the most likely band to grab an international record deal....great band...simply great...rock on The 1st time i saw u guys perform was at bombay razz .......now all ur shows i come too see are wild.....u guys should reallly go whip some international band ass.... U GUYS ARE THE GODS OF INDIAN ROCK Need more bands like you with the diversity of music you showed. Keep up the good work MAY HO LIVE FOREVER (please excuse me..im kinda permanently overwhelmed by u guys!!!!!!!!!) rock on \m/
2010-01-27 00:50:35
RAHUL Wasss up!!!! wasss up!!!! wasss up!!!! wasss up!!!! smokin some s@#$..... hain some fun still havin the chills....wasss up!!!! wasss up!!!! wasss up!!!! wasss up!!!! wasss up!!!! wasss up!!!
2010-01-27 00:49:20
CHANDNI Hey kartik...i never knew u were so serious abt this...but it seems u r....i wud like to hear u someday.....or rather ur band....though iam nt use to this but 4 u yes i will hear it....i guess u know tht...have fun!! take it far off n play hard!!
2010-01-27 00:48:38
AYESHNA Heyyy kartik!!!!!!!..m so happy for u..u finally into band n stuff..n i knw u'll do a real gud job coz ur all passionate abt it..n u lucky to get into an established band!!! but you gotta work for it okieee..so go out and take the risk of changing your status quo and making it ROCKY!!..be the one to bring about the change instead of someone bringing the change for you ..life changes and all you can do is go with the flow, hope everything goes for the best and enjoy every moment of it..ROCK ON..itz a free world!!! ><>
2010-01-27 00:48:05
ROBIN Awesome shack u have for your rockin-basics...am pretty taken by it. If you ever plan on movin out in search of civilization, you know whom to contact.
2010-01-27 00:58:02
KARTIK I would like to inform you that Boss, its a good amd informative site, the most important thing being, Music which is focussed herein. Hi Puneet sir, u really are a ROCK STAR!!(besides being d bestest guitar teacher)...hope to someday be half as good as you....good going yaar...... U GUYS ARE THE GODS OF INDIAN ROCK need more bands like you with the diversity of music you showed....your song's are amazing..looked up ur site and its pretty cool, just like ur music....wish i culd get remotely close to that kind of guitaring.... u gyz r amazin n r gonna FUCK da world.....Rock the world around..... Best of luck Octane..... you are simply grttttttttttt Regards: $$$$$Khup N KARTIK$$$$$$
2010-01-27 00:44:26
VIKAS My first ever impression on rock was the time when I watched Hundred Octane live at the Dayal Singh College fest in year......hmmm I believe 1998. The entire audience was a pop filmy freak and wanted a DJ pop remix to move their butt on! Only 5% genuine rock followers were having a hell-o- time. That also ended up with the typical delhi jaat crowd taking charge of the stage. Sad, I was furious but everything melted away with just a single autograph from the GODs of rock - Hundred Octane as their biggest fan ever" Hundred Octane rules - rock rules!!! Cheers - Vikas
2010-01-27 00:43:51
ANKUSH Hi Arvind Sir, Hope you are well..You may not remember me but strings that I play...is all you that taught...wanted to meet you and discuss oppurtunity(business)...if you allow...do let me know..Ankush(9711460056)
2010-01-27 00:43:11
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