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HEROJIT Guys, I tried to listen all the songs but not working. Showing "Page Error". Moreover I couldn't find "reverberation." Hero
2013-05-17 02:43:12
HEROJIT Next time I would love to see some numbers from Alice in Chain coz they are also one of the Seattle band.
2013-02-18 02:04:55
RAMINDER Hey kevs wassup bro.....by d way u look neat n nice ;) bro u are really an inspiration n a wonderful guy,im glad dat i meet un as for d band U GUYS ROCK N WILL KEEP ON ROCKIN.....
2012-01-25 06:36:31
SUBHAN Respect and inspiration will the words to describe you guys.
2012-01-22 01:59:05
PETER Hey!!!! Loved The Album. This is totally International stuff. ..............\m/................
2010-11-06 07:22:45
ABHINAV Ary sir my teacher who taught me guitar ,but had to leave due to study pressure. sir cumng back soon,HUNDERED OCTANE is like fire on the floor-it rockxs
2010-06-02 09:24:55
SAGAR Hey guyz!!!!! Rockin n' rollin....... heard ur songs.....superb!!!! hey jus saw ...u guyz r on Youth Syndrome too!!!! Saw ur documentary on Living India.... Great Going...... cheers
2010-05-26 12:25:36
RAMPYAARE Whats happenin yo'll ...how are the jammings going??
2010-05-05 01:11:19
SHIVANI Hey Arvind Sir.. HUNDRED OCTANE totaly rox mann.. im sure all u guys will make it .. ull go a long way besta luck.
2010-01-27 01:48:28
AMISH Hey arvind sir, i'm nishant's friend who came to ur place for the recording. i've cum b4 also. i'm a new member of ur site and i'll regularly drop in a msg or two. best of luck!!!! we need the same for our recording and i just hope we get the gig.....
2010-01-27 00:54:14