PANKAJ KHURANA is Known for his drumming
Prowess and Technical Skill.
Pankaj's drumming technique helped to push the band to this vantage, and his non- traditional methods of playing choices and agility gets him much attention and praise.
Two years on the road helped Pankaj get into rigorous practice and stick to a disciplined schedule. He tries to generate a kind of music that does not deprive the song in any away or cheat it of its beauty. He utilizes a method of symmetry in his drumming and is highly skilled in playing heavy metal songs. Though he is diverse in his playing techniques. He has decided that he would live and die as an artist, and to make it big as a drummer. During college, he received a lot of training and hence landed up doing recitals for past couple of years. His eagerness to play drums was far greater than that of earning a college degree. This made him leave college after graduation and hit the road with a band. He devotes long hours to practice by simply listening to other drummers play and slowly taught himself the drums. He idolizes Lars Ulrich, Mike Portnoy, among other drummers. He taught himself the art of drumming until the age of 21, at which he started admiring the metal bands like Metallica, Dream Theater, Bullet for my valentine, Megadeath etc.
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